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Photo of Eric Young

Eric Young
VP Engineering and Technology

Eric is the Vice President of Engineering and Technology for Bair Energy. Eric is a proven experienced engineering professional for the deployment of advance modular nuclear reactor technologies in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Japan. Eric has over 22 years of combined experience in engineering team management, technical project management, leadership in multi-disciplinary engineering program development and execution for large power plant projects.

Eric is responsible for technical coordination and assurance for all engineering disciplines, and for development of measurable engineering milestones of value creation for project tracking and return on investment indicators for capitol providers. He is the lead oversight of all Power Plant Design efforts of subcontractors and subconsultants starting at final handoff from the design development

During the development of the NuScale Power modular reactor, he was instrumental in forming the company structure and technology development and is the holder of over 72 technical patents (internationally and domestic) related to the deployment of this technology. His technical focus has been on engineering team leadership and project management of design and operation of mechanical & thermal-hydraulic systems, instrumentation and data acquisition design, and component or system demonstration and qualification programs for a range of engineering challenges. He has successfully worked within the strict regulatory and quality assurance requirements for the nuclear energy sector (i.e.,10CFR50 App.B, 10CFR21, and NQA-1-2008/NQA-1a-2009). Eric has a proven track record of successfully managing staff from multiple disciplines and coordinating design interfaces to provide design solutions focused on engineering team management, leadership of multi-disciplinary engineering program development and execution, test facility management, technical project management, and analysis of thermal power systems.